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Funeral Winds ‘Discography’. Click the album covers for more information.

‘Gruzelementen’ Full length Album 2021.

‘Nexion XUL’ Album Remaster 2021.

‘Screaming For Resurrection’ Compilation Album, 2021.

‘Essence’ Full length Album, Released in 2020.

‘The Unheavenly Saviour’ Demo Compilation, Released in 2019.

‘Sinister Creed’ Full length Album, Released in 2018.

‘Sekhmet -Seven arrows, knife and flame’ 7″ Vinyl Single, Released in 2015.

‘Nexion Xul – The Cursed Bloodline’ Full length Album, Released in 2008.

‘Koude Haat’ Full length Album, Released in 2004.

‘Godslayer XUL’ Full length Album, released in 1998 and re-released in 2003. View the original album cover art of the first press here.

Funeral Winds/Abigail split CD. Recorded in 1994. Released in 1995 by Warmaster Records from Colombia.

The first 7″ ep of Funeral Winds, released by Black Arts Productions in 1994.

“Resurrection…” is the third demo of Funeral Winds. Recorded in 1993 and released on cassette by Pagan Records in 1994.

Two more demo’s have been released in 1992 and 1993. Both demo’s can be found on the ‘The Unheavenly Saviour’ album.

  • Reh/Demo ’92
  • La Majeste Infernale 1993

Official releases:

  • ‘Live in Poland’ VHS Video. (1994, Pro duplicated cassettes)
  • Screaming For Resurrection LP (2004, Phlegethon Productions/ Bloodlust Records)
  • Black Metal Against the World split 7″ ep. Funeral Winds / Leviathan / Ad Hominem / Eternity (2004, Undercover Records)

The following is a list of Bootlegs

  • Funeral Winds/Demonic Split LP (1996, Unkown)
  • La Majestie Infernale Compilation CD (2001, Unisound Records)
  • Funeral Winds/Abigail Split CD (2006, Magane Distribucion)
  • Funeral Winds/Demonic Split CD (2020, Moon Records)