‘ One of the great advantages of a “one man band” is the freedom to do
what you want in your music not caring about the opinion of others…….
“Gruzelementen” turns out to be one of the best releases of the style this year and certainly
marks the highest point in FUNERAL WINDS’ long journey into the underground ‘
Black Metal Terror Magazine (read the full review here)
‘Gruzelementen’ (smithereens) is the 6th studio album in the bands 30 year history.
‘Gruzelementen’ was recorded at Necromanteion Studio, Prague, in 2021.
All sounds, vocals and instruments, recorded by Hellchrist XUL

‘Gruzelementen’ is available via New Era Productions (World) and
Black Metal Store (Latin America), both in conspiracy with Necromanteion.
‘This album is eternally dedicated to Satan and
His Legions, and to those that presence the
True Darkness of the Dark Gods.’
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Funeral Winds – Black Metal Cult since 1991


Review on Addergebroed, Score: 82/100

‘This time there is nothing to criticize, whether it concerns playing skills, sound-technical or graphic. Hellchrist Xul doesn’t need anyone else to make a beastly, profane and ritualistic black metal record, that’s for sure. Ad Majorem Xul Gloriam: Black metal is intolerance and “Gruzelementen” is dedicated to Satan and his legions. You have been warned!’ JOKKE: 82/100 (Translation)

Review on Apocalyptic Rites
‘In a way, this material can be compared to the early recordings of Mayhem or the raw version of Marduk, but whatever inspirations sounded in the author’s head, they were very skilfully dressed in their own clothes. And these are robes that Hellchrist Xul has been wearing consistently since the moment of founding this project. Whatever one has to say about it, the new Funeral Winds album is a pissed off, spitting at the Nazarene black metal. Exactly the way this genre was originally intended. Nothing but to listen and trample the crosses. Ave!’ JESUSATAN/Apocalyptic Rites (Translation)