Sinister Creed

funeral winds sinister creed albumcover

‘Sinister Creed’ was released in January/February 2018 on CD and LP by Avantgarde Music.

Digitally released January 8, 2018 by Necromanteion

Released on Cassette on the 30th of March 2018 by Orthodox Productions

Sinister Creed was written and recorded between 2014 and 2017
at Necromanteion Studio, Belgium.
All music and lyrics by Hellchrist XUL for Funeral Winds.
Except the lyrics for ‘Blood’, written by Amon XUL.

All instruments and vocals by Hellchrist XUL
Drums by M.Z. Inversus

Additional vocals on ‘Blood’ by Amon XUL
Additional vocals on ‘ Black Moon over Saturn’ by Hekte Zaren

All rights reserved: Necromanteion

Funeral Winds Hellchrist Xul
Dedication text

“Liberation will only come to you if you push yourself beyond the boundaries of your mundane existence. For many people this ‘liberation’ will never happen as they are not ready to sacrifice themselves. That what is holding most people back is fear … fear of the unknown, fear to lose their job, fear of becoming an outcast, fear to lose one’s sanity, fear of realizing that everything you thought was real is an illusion … because, once you start to see beyond the veil, your known world starts to crumble down. The lyric of the song describes the process a genuine Satanist will go through on his life’s journey: to learn from ordeal, to experience psychological and physical challenges and come out stronger, to grow yourself into this higher being at all cost. This is the way of the Satanist and it won’t come easy.”

Seriousness is a characteristic which is enormously present in the art of FUNERAL WINDS and its mastermind Hellchrist Xul who is working within the black metal underground since the year 1991. “Sinister Creed” is the name of the fourth album and the first longplayer since eleven years (released via Avantgarde). The Legacy-Mag had to take the chance to speak in detail with Hellchrist Xul about the new album.

(read the interview here )


‘Sinister Creed’ appeared in the following year/top music lists of 2018:

Easily one of the best Black Metal albums of this year, that I feel went under a lot of radars and deserves to be on more year-end lists. Pure hatred in audio form.”                                                                                               ‘Sinister Creed’ is album nr 11 in the ‘Top 30 albums of 2018’ of Thy Kingdom Scvm.

“Dutch black metal that doesn’t fuck about.”
Stuart Carroll (Ave Noctum): ‘Sinister Creed’ nr 9 in the Top 10 albums of 2018

‘Sinister Creed’ is album number 15 in the Top 25 Heavy Metal Albums of 2018 by The Mighty Decibel

‘Sinister Creed’ ended up in The SCUMFEAST METAL FAVORITES OF 2018

‘Sinister Creed’ on nr 9 in the list of best albums of 2018 by Robert Wettersten of Close-Up Magazine (Sweden) view list HERE

‘Sinister Creed’ is in Rauta’s ‘Top 5 Albums for First Quarter of 2018’ “It’s time to review the first three months of the year and its albums. Let’s take a look of Rauta’s top 5 albums of the first quarter of 2018. Rauta

‘Sinister Creed’ reviews in Magazines and Blogs:

“Overall this is a very strong output by Funeral Winds and only time will tell but this might become the best of their discography. “ Avé Metallum (score: 90/100) Read the full Avé Metallum review here:

“…Sinister Creed is a raging thirty five minutes of violent riffing and non-stop intensity that channels the rawer Black Metal sound in all of its glory.” Score: 8.7 Metal Trenches

“Funeral Winds+ Avantgarde Music: a sacrilegious alliance between two historic entities of the European extreme metal scene. The result of this alliance is an outstanding 4th album by Funeral Winds after 11 fukken years from the previous one!

Score: 8/10 Read the MetalHead review (in Italian) here:

“Ten years after its last full length, Dutch band Funeral Winds is back with “Sinister Creed”, a blasting raw Black Metal album with some early Bathory influences that’s surely worth a listen if you are into the genre.” Hypnos Webzine

“Absolutely revelling in the intense hatred here. Early contender to make my top ten of 2018.”
Rating: 8/10 BraveWords

“This is everything that is good about Black Metal. Intense evil stirs the Hordes of Hades deep below the gates of Hell, rallying all troops to rise and take over the kingdom of man. Though it lacks a modern flair, it’s black enough to eat the souls of all fans in the genre.”
Rating: “Excellent” 8/10 Metal Temple

“Funeral Winds from Netherlands is one of the oldest black metal bands from the country. Their latest album “Sinister Creed” is very energetic and in-you-face raw black metal with some relentless riffing.” Rauta See the review here:

“True black metal will never die, nor would we want it to. With bands like Funeral Winds championing the old-school as enjoyably as this, I say long live the rawness and the darkness! Get ready to worship at the bloodied altar of Sinister Creed.” Review by Wonderbox Metal

Score: 8/10 Imperiumi

“Pure black metal riff mania. Having been active for over 25 years, Funeral Winds is the perfect black metal time capsule. These winds sear and rip at flesh.” Invisible Oranges

“…I get a feeling that 2018 is going to be a good year for fast, furious and brutal black metal…
To the bands credit, they have produced an album of conviction and intent, with every ounce of unnecessary fat trimmed clean off.” Ave Noctum (7.5/10 Stuart Carroll)

“Goddamnit. What am I supposed to write about Funeral Winds what no one knows yet? “Goddamnit” pretty much covers it. Ever since the heydays of Black Metal, they do what they do best. Blasphemous black metal.” Lords of Metal (78/100)

“Sinister Creed is unapologetic-ally old school black metal. Hellchrist Xul doesn’t give a rat’s ass what year it is because it doesn’t matter. We’re talking about pure evil, straight up ice cold riffs that’ll send shivers down your fuckin spine. Brutal assaults overwhelming your senses as diabolical shrieks shock your system. Consider this one of the best BM releases from the early nineties coming out today. Nuff Said.”
Scumfeast Metal WebZine

“Funeral Winds are simply stated “the triumph of pure evil”…” Score: 75/100

“Since many years Funeral Winds is known for their raw and traditional Black Metal and this is unchanged over the last eleven years… Sinister Creed is a strong Black Metal album, an album that you can and should expect of a band like Funeral Winds” 80/100 points: RockMuZine.

“Funeral Winds busts back onto the scene with a scathing set of eight tracks that a straight up slaughter upon all who listen to its contents of vicious black metal straight from the glory days of the style.” (Head-Banger Reviews)

“With Funeral Winds you know what hits you: mainly a lot of anger and hate, in accordance with the Black Metal standards of the 1990s. The fourth album by the Dutch band in 27 years do not make any compromises and serves those who love raw furious Black Metal splendidly….”
Murmure webzine (NL)

“Funeral winds will not win any originality awards with Sinister creed, but they do deliver a great slab of traditional old school evil sounding black metal.” Look This Way