The Unheavenly Saviour

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Funeral Winds The Unheavenly Saviour

‘The Unheavenly Saviour’ Demo Compilation

‘The Unheavenly Saviour’ is a compilation of the first two demo’s by Funeral Winds and two more songs. These Recordings are straight from the tapes. No enhanced sound! Expect nothing but Raw and Ugly Black Metal. For archival purposes only! This documents the early days of Funeral Winds and contains different recordings of the same songs.

This is the first time ever that the ‘Reh/Demo 1992’ is made available to the public. Prior to this Compilation CD, the recordings on the tape were only spread to a hand full of people. The 1995 recording of the song ‘Twilight Shine Upon my Crypt’ was never released before.

Track list:

‘La Majest√© Infernale’ (Demo II 1993)

-Demon Overture (Intro)
-Steps of Ritual
-Crypts of the Black Fog
-The Eternal Flame
-Unheavenly Saviour

‘Reh/Demo 1992’ (Demo I 1992)

-The Unheavenly Saviour
-Crypts of the Black Fog

-Crypts of the Black Fog
(Live at Baroeg 1993, soundboard recording, previously released on the ‘Teach Your Soul With Fire’ compilation cassette in 1993)
-Twilight Shine Upon my Crypt
(1995 ‘Godslayer Xul’ studio recording session, the last recording with Gorgoroth on vocals, previously unreleased)

The bootleg CD ‘La Majestie Infernable’ contains two song recordings that appear on this ‘The Unheavenly Saviour’ CD. The rest was never published on CD before.

Released on Limited edition of 300 copies 6 panel Digipack CD and Bandcamp digital download by Necromanteion.

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The Digipack is available from Necromanteion

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Line up (Demo’s and Live):
Hellchrist – Guitars
Gorgoroth – Vocals
Esteban – Drums

Line up (Twilight Shine Upon my Crypt):
H. Xul – Guitars
Y. Xul – Drums
I. Xul – Bass
Gorgoroth – Vocals